Conference Planning Committee

Welcome Letter 2023

In support of this year’s theme, we want you to CONNECT with our speakers and each other and LEARN as much as you can. But what we really want is for you to THRIVE when you return to your life and to share what you learned so that others can thrive, too.

CONNECT. Our annual conference on ADHD is all about connection. We connect you to information to live better with ADHD and we connect you to others in the community. Head and heart.

LEARN. We bring together the best speakers, from the old timers you know so well to the up and comers who will be tomorrow’s stars. We bring together every perspective to help you, your loved ones, clients, patients, or students. If you are looking for continuing education credits, you will find them here. You will learn from the speakers and also from your fellow attendees, the various discussion groups, and the interactive activities. You will leave full of new ideas and with a deeper understanding, helpful resources, and a whole bunch of practical strategies. This is the place to soak it all in.

THRIVE. Equally important to all the knowledge you gain is that you feel rejuvenated by all the personal connections you make and heartfelt conversations you have. Last year, we asked for your input and the message was clear—you want more time to network, hang out with old friends, and meet your fellow attendees. We built in more of these opportunities – both for the in-person and for the online conference. You don’t have to choose between a presentation you can’t miss and that conversation you don’t want to end. You also told us what an amazingly affirming experience it was to be yourself, guard down, among a community that gets it.

We are always proud of the smart and passionate speakers who take time out of their busy schedules to share their wisdom, but it is the community and camaraderie and everything else that happens around those presentations that really make this conference shine.

Join us for this exciting conference and make connections, learn new things, and thrive …

Tamara Rosier

Ari Tuckman

Barb Williams

Kate Barrett

Marcy Caldwell

Joni Corn

Andrea Elrom

Zach Gershon

Cindy Goldrich

Duane Gordon

Zara Harris

Roxanne Jarrett

Carolyn Lentzsch-Parcells

Liz Lewis

Jill Linkoff

Brendan Mahan

Michelle Price

Melissa Reskof

Sharon Saline

Ellen Schwartz

Brittany Smith

Doug Snyder

Suzanne Sophos

Lollie Weeks

Ryan Wexelblatt

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